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Fall Feelz: Fall Photography

By: Mary Kate Wirfel

Did you know that the season of fall or autumn, whatever you may call it, is the greatest time for photographers. Here in the 716, there are several places and parks to go to see the fall leaves and the different colors. Whether you have a professional camera or your phone, you can take some great pictures that will last a lifetime.

Taking pictures is making memories, capturing a moment that will be frozen in time, instead of just a distant memory. Nature photographers look forward to the fall every year, to get those brilliant photos. When you go out on a photography adventure, take in the sights and sounds of where you are, so that when you look back at the photos, you can remember that exact moment the picture was taken.

By going to these parks and posting your fall photos on social media, this can bring others to these parks or nature trails, giving Western New York a larger tourist interest. You may even be able to capture your million dollar photo!

Everyone can participate in fall photography, since the majority of people have phones that are built with very good cameras. Just go out and explore nature and discover something new on your photography journey.

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