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Discover The Countertops & Flooring of Your Dreams with BTPoxycrete

Discover 716 met with Thomas Winarske to discuss a new, innovative technology that completely reinvents countertops and flooring. His company, BTPoxycrete, offers a state-of-the-art approach to remodeling some of the most important elements of your home or business. Thomas showed us that there is truly an art behind his company's work, and we appreciate the fact that he allows his clients the creative license to dictate the creative direction of their floors and countertops.

Thomas employs 5 artists that come in to your place of business or home and create uniquely crafted designs on flooring overlays that are specifically formulated to provide maximum adhesion, have excellent flexibility and produce first class looks at a tremendously low price. BTPoxycrete utilizes flooring products that are made up of ultra-resilient, light-weight concrete that is troweled on new or right over existing surfaces.

Some of the benefits include not having to search for outdated tiles if one where to break or crack. Also, BTPoxycrete's products can withstand the tests of weather and time, virtually doing away with any damage caused by flooding and similar disasters. Gone are the days where you'd have to search endlessly for replacement tile or worry about spills on your countertops.

My favorite point about BTPoxycrete's work is that it is truly breathtaking - their countertop designs create what is called a "waterfall effect", and you can see how the marbled patterns fall over the edges of your countertops to create a seamless, almost infinite feel.

BTPoxycrete offers extremely competitive pricing. Thomas has made sure to keep costs down and turnover high. As every business owner knows, this is simply a recipe for success. Thomas seems eager to provide excellent customer service and is genuinely excited to spread the news about this amazing new technology.

With tax season closing in, we think this is the right time to consider investing in upgrades to your home with BTPoxycrete. Call 716-228-2727 or visit today to get started!

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