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Class at JT's Boxing and Fitness Club

By Cassie Kamens

On Monday night I had the privilege of attending boxing class at JT’s Boxing and Fitness Club. The gym is located on Pine Street in Lockport and owned by Joe Taylor, one of the best boxers from Western New York (check out this blog for more information about Joe Taylor: If boxing and fitness are something that you are interested in, JT’s gym is the place for you! I have a very limited background in boxing but I did not feel like I didn’t fit in. The coaches and everyone in the class were super helpful and friendly.

Class started with jump roping and some core work like mountain climbers and crunches. After that we did some light shadowboxing, where there is no one in front of you, you just practice the movements. When you mess up a move, that person had to do ten push-ups. I didn’t have to do any push-ups but I think that the coach was giving me a little leniency because I am still learning. After shadowboxing, everyone finds a partner, one person wears gloves and the other person wears mitts. Then, the class practices different combinations of punches and dodges walking the width of the gym going forwards and backwards. After about 15 minutes, the partners switch who has the gloves and who has the mitts. The last thing that we did in class was more partner work with gloves and mitts. Similar to before, we practiced different combinations of punches, kicks, and dodges. The last thing that we did was seeing how fast we could throw a 1-2 punch combination. We did that three different times with different time intervals, if you couldn’t reach the target number of punches in the time frame you had to do ten squats. I missed the target one time.

The class was a lot of fun and a great workout! The class was great for beginners and people with experience in boxing. Everyone was very welcoming and willing to help me learn. My partner helped me out a lot with the combinations and remembering what punches to do and when. The coach also did a great job showing all of the movements before we started doing them.

JT’s Boxing and Fitness Club is definitely a place to check out!

JT’s Boxing and Fitness Club Website:

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