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Buffalo Transportation Pierce Arrow Museum

No trip to the Buffalo Niagara region would be complete without stopping by this amazing destination. This place has everything you want to see when it comes to transportation history, from bicycles to race cars! Set in beautiful building just steps from the Arena is this gem. From the moment you walk in to the moment you leave you will be amazed at the history and beauty that is preserved here! When you first arrive there is a wonderful collection of historical bicycles and historical documents to go along with them, which seemingly transport you to another time. Next we saw the wonderful horse drawn Jell-O cart, which looks as though it just finished its last delivery. Followed by a simply stunning Duesenberg, and a Corvette collection that will knock your socks off! While weaving through the displays there are several pieces of artwork (The HOT ROD BUFFALO was my favorite!) there is something for everyone here. As we stepped into the next room the first thing we noticed was the Frank Lloyd Wright Filling Station. This building is truly a work of art! Frank Lloyd wright seemed to understand way back in 1927 that the automobile was going to be a way of life, and deserved more than just a few ugly gas pumps and rickety old shack. Just looking at this you can feel the passion that went into the design of this gem. In this same room are several amazing vehicles that have truly amazing stories that come from our wonderful hometown. You owe it to yourself to bring the family here and share in this beautiful and enriching experience. I would like to personally thank Jim and MaryAnn Sandoro for bringing this wonderful dream to life!

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