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Buffalo, "The City of Good Neighbors"

On January 23, 1940, Buffalo, New York was given its official nickname, “The City of Good Neighbors”. The speculation around why this was the chosen name varies. Buffalo is known for a few things: its nickname, chicken wings, professional sports teams, weather, and more. All of these aspects tie into how the traditions and culture of Buffalo; but the sense of community can be considered the main reason for its name. Buffalo was officially made a city in 1832. The opening of the Erie Canal in 1825 was able to bring new attractions, as well as a booming economy to the area. Also, with a rich supply of grain, jobs that required little skill became readily available. Because of this, the number of immigrants arriving in Buffalo kept growing. This history plays a huge role in the city’s nickname. At the time immigrants arrived, previous Buffalo inhabitants were known to be very welcoming. To this day, resettled immigrants continue to be the main cause of Buffalo’s diversity.

Tragedy often strikes when no one sees it coming. Buffalo has gone through many unexpected ups and downs by sticking together as a community. It is no surprise that Buffalo has brutal winters and record-breaking storms. Severe weather storms can leave devastating effects, which is something many of us witnessed first-hand this past December. Even though the city of Buffalo was snowed in and placed under a travel ban for days, community members all over the city went out of their way to help those in need. On May 14, 2022, our hearts were shattered after a mass shooting occurred at a local Top’s Friendly Markets supermarket. Although there aren’t even words to explain the horror of an event like this, the city of Buffalo came together to help and support the lives that were affected. Donations of food, toiletries, children’s necessities, household items, and more began to help people get the things they needed when Top’s had closed after the shooting. Also, a memorial took place outside of the store where the Buffalo Bills staff and team members, as well as other community members, gathered to remember the lives lost and support the families that were affected. Buffalo has been through a lot as a city, both good and bad; and the community always finds a way to come together as one. Knowing that your neighbors and your community have your back is a rare aspect that you can’t find everywhere. When the city of good neighbors faces tragedy, the community always bans together without hesitation. And the opposite, you will always find a community full of pride and togetherness.

Grace Carra

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