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Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy

By Jackson Kelly

From Delaware to Cazenovia park, Buffalo has some incredible green spaces kept and maintained by the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy. If you’re unaware about what exactly Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy, let me explain. Like Discover716, Buffalo Olmsted parks conservancy is a certified 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. The mission of which is to promote, preserve, restore, enhance and ensure maintenance of Olmsted Parks and Parkways in the Greater Buffalo area to guarantee Olmsted Park experiences for current and future generations. The conservancy got its start with Fredrick Law Olmsted in 1868, after realizing the greatness of Central Park in NYC, wanted to make it even better with even more scenic parks in a city. FLO decided to design the city with six parks, seven parkways, eight landscaped circles and several smaller spaces. The goal for the tree lined parkways and avenues was to link the six main parks and integrate the park system with the city. These parkways were designed to allow visitors to travel from one park to another without leaving the serenity of the surrounding green spaces. Olmsted wanted these areas to be more park like than anything else. The Buffalo Olmsted Park Conservancy even flexes a profound quote by FLO himself:

“In 1876, Olmsted proclaimed Buffalo to be “the best planned city … in the United States, if not the world.” Today our city retains its remarkable urban fabric thanks to the vision of this extraordinary man, as well as the support of thousands of Buffalonians and friends who enjoy the parks every day”. - BOPC

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