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Buffalo Gift Emporium

By Olivia Simon

Consignment means to send or address to an agent to be cared for or sold. At Buffalo Gift Emporium, consignment is their main source of products. Recently, Discover716 met with Anthony, the owner and founder of Buffalo Gift Emporium to learn more about the creation of his small business, the consignment process, and their plans for the future.

Buffalo Gift Emporium was brought to life during the COVID-19 pandemic when Anthony was sent to work remotely from home. He found that he had a lot of time on his hands and began looking into creating an online storefront on an app called Etsy where anyone can sign up and sell their homemade goods. He realized very quickly how popular his Etsy shop became during the pandemic by selling unique merchandise such as customized yard signs for birthdays and other events that had to be celebrated at home.

One day Anthony was on his way home from running errands and drove by a storefront that was for sale on Delaware Avenue in Tonawanda. He stopped in and inquired about it, and little did he know, he would be a business owner with a brick and mortar location within the next two weeks. Now, Buffalo Gift Emporium has been in business for two years.

The minute you walk into Buffalo Gift Emporium, you are greeted with an explosion of unique, custom made items that are perfect for gifts. There are 108 small businesses that are featured in the store. These items include top-notch apparel, novelties, home decor, local food, and products that are created locally and from afar. Anthony hand picks each business and makes sure that the products they are selling are unique, has some relation to Buffalo, gift-like items, and are affordable. He calls it, “having a sprinkle of Buffalo”. Some of the Artisans that are featured in the shop sell products as their full time business while some create products in their free time as a hobby. In addition, Buffalo Gift Emporium is very holiday focused and Anthony explained that the store does very well when holidays like Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick's Day come around every year.

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