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Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens, everyone in Buffalo has heard of it but have you been there yet? I had the opportunity to go to this beautiful place and it was well worth it. A friend and I decided to check out the Gardens After Dark event and loved it! They had lots of different exhibits, like seeing their huge Koi fish, honey bees, and of course plants! When you first walk in they offer a tour guide and map but don't forget the scavenger hunt for the kiddos! The scavenger hunt lets you look for different things all over the facility.

What didn't surprise me was the hundreds of different plants they had on site. I think the best part was they had individual QR codes on their more popular plants so you can learn more about them and even set up an order to purchase them for your own personal garden! I personally really liked some of the plants, so being able to scan the QR code was super easy.

There are also lots of different spots for photo ops. You’ll find the Arcangel gallery halfway through your tour, which has dozens of unique paintings offered for sale. They are all different sizes and have different types of plants so everyone can find one they love! On the way out they had a cute little gift shop with all sorts of buffalo themed knick knacks.

Check out their website at

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