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Brick Oven: A Delicious Restaurant in the Heart of Grand Island

By: Jacob Baggett

Brick Oven Pizza is a cozy little pizza shop situated right in the heart of Grand Island. It features an intimate dining room and a spacious bar perfect for catching any game. Normally, when dining out at a pizza place my options are extremely limited due to the fact that I am lactose intolerant. This was NOT the case at Brick Oven however. The options available to you at Brick Oven are plentiful to say the least. We started our meal with a lovely caprese salad before sampling our main courses. We started with a chicken finger sub and an assortment of wings. All the chicken was sauced to perfection and the wings were hot and crispy. From there we moved on to a superb beef on weck with beef slow-roasted to perfection in house.

After this our pizzas came out. Usually this is the part of the meal I have to sit out, but alas, our chef made one of their special “Old Fashion” pies. An old school brick oven pizza with just sauce. It normally features a dusting of parmesan as well for those who can partake.

Now when reviewing pizza places, I grade on a curve. To me a pizza is only as good as it tastes...tomorrow. Pizza is one of those few foods that you can actually take home with out tossing it in the garbage the next day. Take it out of the fridge and it makes the perfect pack lunch or hangover breakfast. This is why I have developed, the Cold Pizza Test. It's quite simple; take the pizza home, refrigerate overnight, one bite taste test in the morning (NO re-heating). The morning after our lovely dinner I did the cold pizza test with my roommates, and I’m happy to say Brick Oven has passed. All of my roommates ranted and raved about the pizza, and wanted to know where to find it fresh. One of them even stole the last slice to take to work that day.

Overall, Brick Oven Pizza wins my stamp of approval due to their wonderful food, casual

atmosphere and number of options for diners. I look forward to heading back there again next time I find myself in Grand Island, and would recommend you do the same.

For more information about Brick Oven, check out their website:

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