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Bills Mafia does it again

Written by Marissa Packard

Copyright 2017 The Associated Press. All rights reserved The Buffalo Bills are 2-0 and have shown a lot of promise during their first two games of the season. Since fans are still not allowed in the stadium for home games, Bills Mafia wanted to find a way to make their presence known. One Bills fan faithful, Joseph Vianna, came up with an idea and the rest of the fans followed. He started a Go Fund Me page to get a banner to fly over the stadium. The message that they want the banner to say is: “TOGETHER OR APART #BILLSMAFIA LOVES YOU!”. As expected, Bills Mafia has surpassed the goal of $3,800 and the leftover money will go to a local charity chosen by fans via a twitter poll.

The Teacher's Desk, a foundation dedicated to Bills superfan Poncho Billa, is in the lead. And you're probably wondering if the airspace around the stadium is restricted on game days. It is but not until noon, so the banner will fly overhead from 10am until noon on Sunday for pregame and warm-ups before kickoff against the Los Angeles Rams. Hopefully the skies will be clear and blue so the players and staff will see the banner. If you live around the vicinity of the stadium you may even get a glimpse of the banner.

Bills Mafia continues to show that they're much more than jumping through tables at their tailgates, while that does make them unique; they have so much love for the Bills and their players. Sundays in the fall are days that every Bills fan looks forward to, cheering on the Bills with friends and family. There is an excitement around the town that you can feel during this time of year. It's different this year, but any way that the Bills Mafia can show support for a team that they're so excited about, they will find a way to do it.

There have been countless of fundraisers done by Bills fans over the years, between donating money to the Andy Dalton Foundation because of the game winning throw that sent the Bills to the playoffs and the money donated to the Alzheimer's foundation in response to the Baltimore radio sports host that trashed the fans in Buffalo. It was time to do something for a team that is so important to the community. No one knows what’ll happen come October and if fans will be in the stands, but until then this is the best way for the players to feel the love and support.

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