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“Bad Cupid” - A Buffalo, NY film

“Bad Cupid” was filmed in November and December of 2019, in the cities of Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Locations include ND Studios in northern Buffalo, as well as at the Gypsy

Parlor, a restaurant also in North Buffalo on Grant Street. Other scenes took place at the Seneca Niagara Casino in Niagara Falls, Sweetness_7 cafe on Grant St., and St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church in Kenmore. Exterior shots took place at the restaurant Left Bank, as well as Remedy House cafe, both located on Rhode Island St. in Buffalo.

One of the co-writers of “Bad Cupid”, Ira Fritz, expressed some of the hardships of filming a movie in Buffalo in the midst of winter. “Filming in Buffalo in December is as big a crapshoot as there can be. On our budget, every minute of every day was spoken for.” He recalls getting a call at his Connecticut home while one of the most important outdoor scenes in the movie was being shot in Buffalo. “We couldn’t do the movie without this scene. And a Lake Effect snowstorm starts moving in.” The head of the film crew announced that if the storm didn’t go away within minutes, the shoot for this scene would have to be canceled. “Let’s stay on the phone,” Fritz remembers saying. “If this movie dies right now, we will have shared this moment.” At the last minute, the storm began to clear. “They told the actors they had one chance to do this. They shot the scene in minutes.”

This goes to show how unpredictable and brutal we all know the Buffalo winter weather can be. Luckily it worked out for the “Bad Cupid” cast and crew! Give this awesome movie a watch, and see some of your favorite locations in Buffalo on the big screen!

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