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An Opportunity to Grow – Discover 716 partners with The Cold Front Report.

Written By Marissa Packard

One of the things that clearly links all Western New Yorkers is our love of the Buffalo Bills. I am a huge Bills fan, and sports fan in general. l love to read about the Bills and listen to all the experts talk about our team. That's why I was excited when I learned that the program I am interning with -- Discover 716 -- gave me an assignment with the Cold Front Report.

If you're not yet familiar with the Cold Front Report, you should be. They provide 24/7 news, content and analysis of the Bills that they bring weekly to their fans on their social media pages. They have a wide following on Facebook where they stream their live episodes and interact with their audience. I am impressed with how fast they're able to put stats together for their post-game shows and their insights to the game are based off a real fan's expectation. The Cold Front Report team bleeds the Bills colors just like many of us in WNY. They have expectations for the team and they’re able to share their expectations to all of us with an audience that will listen. They’re like any group of guys at a bar on a Friday night, minus the wings and the beers, talking about their expectations for the game on that coming Sunday and giving insights on that week's opponent by providing keys to the game. Just like the rest of us Bills fans, they’re hoping that this year will be the year that they relive the excitement and pandemonium again.

In their most recent post game show, the guys talked about how explosive the offense was during the game against the 49ers on Monday Night Football. They debated on a few topics like the important pieces to the puzzle for the Bills win and discussed the head coaching possibilities for Brian Daboll. The topics they discuss are ones that many would talk about with their buddies at the bar over a plate of wings and a few pitches of beers. Of course, none of us are experts but it’s fun to go back and forth on different topics. Podcasts and live streams may be the only opportunity this year that we, as fans, get to conversate like we would in the tailgate lots on a Sunday, so why not support local businesses especially in the year that we have had.

I may be biased, but these guys provide incredible insight about the Bills and breakdown many pro and cons about this team whether it's on their website, through their social media or on their podcasts. These guys are just fun to listen to, they show encouragement and disappointment, just like many of us do whenever a game is over. You can sometimes catch players interviews during their live streams. The bond between the players and the fans in Buffalo is rewarding, as fans, you're able to see firsthand how personable the players are. It seems to me that the Bills Mafia and players get to know one another on a personal level which is why Bills Sundays have become an important part in this community. Lorenzo Alexander also co-hosts a podcast with the Cold Front Report where he provides insight to the Bills from a past player perspective.

It is cool to see the growth that the Cold Front Report has had, and I am excited to hear their thoughts on where they think this Bills team is headed during the last few games of the regular season. There is a lot to look forward to and I am excited for this partnership between Discover 716 and the Cold Front Report.


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