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A Walk in the Woods

By Mary Kate Wirfel

In the age of Covid-19 when social distancing is a must people were left inside their homes with nothing to do and nowhere to go. Deep in the south towns in the heart of Glenwood New York lies an Erie County park known as Sprague Brook Park. This park contains several woodland walking trails with plenty of beautiful sights perfect for the entire family, photographers and nature lovers alike. There is also a veterans marmoreal for people to go and pay tribute to those who we lost in the wars.

Throughout the park there are several pavilions perfect for a family picnic. Before the age of Covid-19 people would rent out the pavilions for things like graduation or birthday parties. Now with both the pavilions and playgrounds closed there are still plenty of socially distant activities for people to do here at the park such as hiking, biking and fishing in the virus large ponds the park has to offer. There are several different safe hiking trails that people can walk, you might just find some hidden gems, like geocaches, or even a painted rock. Sprague Brook Park is a hot spot for both hiding and finding painted rocks. With the popular Facebook group known as “Sweet Buffalo Rocks” if you look around the park you just might find one.

Being a photographer myself Sprague Brook Park is a great place to take really amazing photos. With fall rolling in the air is getting cooler and the leaves of the trees are going to change making the park a photographer’s paradise. You can take your camera or phone and take a hike you just might get your million dollar photo.

Camping is another way to go out and socially distance from the Covid-19. If you have a camper or a tent Sprague Brook Park has campsites. Although the parks camping season is coming to an end it’s nice to know about the campsites so you can be prepared for the 2021 camping season. During the covid-19 pandemic more and more people are buying Rv’s it’s good to know about a local county park that has campsites at a reasonable price. There are several different camp sights throughout the park there is electric hookup however no water hookup for the rv’s. The park is working toured getting all the campsites to have electric hook up for the 2021 camping season.

When the fall leaves take over the park head down to the southtowns for a nice walk getting there is easier than you think. Yes you can bring your dog just remember it always has to be on a leash and don’t forget to clean up after it. Also don’t litter always leave nature as you found it because nature is beautiful.

Photography By By Mary Kate Wirfel

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