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A'mano Fresh Pasta Kitchen

A’mano Fresh Pasta Kitchen is an Italian restaurant like no other. Owned and operated by John Sweeney, he took his time when creating his business to ensure all customers receive the experience they are looking for. John is from a small Southern Tier town, Falconer, NY, where he grew up. He came to Buffalo in 2011 to attend the University at Buffalo.

Everything you need to know about A'mano:

A'mano Fresh Pasta Kitchen was a business born out of COVID. John found he had a lot of free time on his hands when his current place of employment had shut down. Free time and big dreams paved the way for A'mano to become a reality. As he began making his own fresh pasta at home he was able to build the menu that has been perfected and is now available to you and open his first fast casual restaurant!

A'mano is located at 5429 Main Street in Williamsville, NY. John says Main Street is a great location for his restaurant because of the vibe of the streets and the demographics of the people who visit. Fresh pasta goes really well with Williamsville!

A'mano offers a unique menu with a number of signature dishes or the ability to create your own. John's favorite is always changing. One week it may be cream sauce and the next meat sauce. The most popular menu item is the bolognese, a dish he created himself!

To make this business into a reality, it took a lot when it came to planning and decision making. John started with a basic idea of the menu and how they were going to operate. From there, it was all about finding the right staff and training them to know the ins and outs of the business. John said starting a business from the ground up is all about taking things one day at a time!

While still improving, making changes, and building connections with customers, John and his staff have learned how important feedback is. Getting the right feedback and the right amount of it can really go a long way when it comes to success.

John took pride in his first week of business. Seeing everything come together was a proud moment of his as the owner. After getting through all the challenges, there was no better feeling than those when he opened the doors for the first time.

Within the next few years John is planning on expanding his business to some new towns in the Western New York area. His goal is to have 3 to 5 open within the next few years! If your looking for a restaurant with an amazing atmosphere, great staff, and fresh made pasta, give A'mano a try!

Written by Heather Chatt

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