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716ers Guide to Exploring Local Murals

By Serena Leatherbarrow

Looking for new content for your Instagram or just want to explore local art; look no further than Buffalo’s wide array of murals. With over 130 pieces across the Buffalo Niagara area, and new street art constantly popping up, you won’t run out of walls to explore.

Want to know where you can find these hidden gems? Keep reading for exact addresses as well as the stories behind these local pieces.


"Keep Buffalo a Secret" (810 Main St.)

Photo Credit: Buffalo Rising

The “Keep Buffalo a Secret” mural is not much of a secret in the 716 as it’s proudly displayed in downtown Buffalo. This mural is pretty hard to miss!

The piece was inspired by the “Keep Buffalo a Secret” t-shirt which was designed by a local brand, Oxford Pennant. The shirt grabbed the attention of the owner of 810 Main St. who quickly reached out to local muralist, Ian De Beer. The mural was up in no time at all and now acts as the perfect photo op for both locals and tourists.

The city of Buffalo is much less of a secret with this eye-catching mural that gives visitors a taste of the charm our city has to offer.


"Wildflowers for Buffalo" (465 Washington St.)

The “Wildflowers for Buffalo” mural certainly brings the wow factor when driving down Washington St. At 80 ft. by 160 ft. wide, this mural is the largest in Western New York

Photo Credit: Albright Knox Art Gallery

“Wildflowers for Buffalo” was created by Detroit-based artist, Louise Jones, and commissioned by the Albright-Knox Art Gallery Public Art Initiative of 2018.

The piece was inspired by local scenery and features several plants native to the Buffalo region in all their beauty.


"Walking Back Time" (5 East Huron St.)

Photo Credit: Buffalo Rising

Another piece commissioned by the Albright-Knox Public Art Initiative is the “Walking Back Time” mural.

This mural was created by artist, Logan Hicks, and is inspired by photographs Hicks took near Niagara Square and City Hall. The photos were then incorporated together to create this breathtaking piece of a peaceful night in the city.


"Optichromie" (Town Ballroom - Washington St. Entrance)

Photo Credit: Buffalo as an Architectural Museum

The Town Ballroom is looking far from bland these days with the unique mural covering the entire back side of the building.

This bold piece, “Optichromie,” was painted by Felipe Pantone in 2019 and now greets musicians upon their arrival to the ballroom.


"Love Black" (712 Main St.)

Photo Credit: Visit Buffalo Niagara

The "Love Black" mural is both eye-catching & educational as it challenges dangerous racial stigmas in our society.

Created by Edreys Wajed and James "Yames" Moffitt, this mural proudly stands as a reminder to love and respect individuals within our 716 community no matter age or race.


"Heritage Arts Mural Project" (825 Depot Ave. West)

In this collection of murals, ten artists came together to highlight the history in the Niagara Falls National Heritage Area through art. The mural is located adjacent to the Niagara Falls Underground Railroad Heritage Center where years ago Harriet Tubman led enslaved individuals to Canada.

Photo Credit: Visit Buffalo Niagara

Photo Credit: Visit Buffalo Niagara

Pearl Street Chicken Wings (Pearl Street Grill & Brewery)

Photo Credit: WYRK

This next mural is all about Buffalo’s fan favorites...chicken wings and blue cheese! Located on the side of Pearl Street Grill & Brewery in downtown Buffalo, this mural screams Buffalove.

Created by Buffalo native, Zach Case, this piece takes the local love for chicken wings to the next level as visitors can stand in front of the art and become a chicken wing angel!


"Jaws" (359 Ganson St. - Buffalo RiverWorks)

Photo Credit: Grownup Travels

This mural is sure to make your jaw drop! The “Jaws” mural at RiverWorks is not only a shark mouth, but a “jump station” for the RiverWorks ropes course.

Created by Zach Case, this giant great white mural is the final destination for zipliners and a unique photo op for those who dare take on the challenge.


So what are you waiting for? Summer is the perfect time to explore these hidden gems. While you're out there, remember to take photos and take us in your posts, @discover716!

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