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2022 Annual Peach Festival

The annual Peach Festival held in Lewiston, NY is a place of comfort, fun, and adventure for the people of Western NY. I have been going to the Peach Festival ever since I was a little girl, and the memories made there were unmatchable. The people and the iconic peach cobbler are the treasures of this amazing festival

The Peach Festival offers many fun adventurous things, like games, great food, concerts, and thrilling rides. What's also great about this festival are new select rides every year, while also keeping the classics, like the slide, and the swings. Every year you can experience something new and exciting, while also coming back to familiarity.

The food is one of the greatest aspects of this annual Peach Festival. There are many food trucks and local food stands throughout, that offer the tastiest and most delicious food options. Some of my favorites being the turkey leg, Italian sausage, fresh peaches, and the classic fried dough. The main star of the food options is the peach cobbler. It is created with the best fresh peaches, a fluffy biscuit and whipped cream. It does not get better than that!

I brought my two roommates this year, who are from NYC, and they wanted to experience something new, so the Peach Festival was the perfect idea. They loved learning about the local traditions, and even tried their very first Western New York turkey leg! The highlight of their time were the rides because they had never experienced the thrill of a carnival ride before! Overall, their experience was a blast, and will be coming again next year.

If you’re looking for a great place to have fun with family and friends, I highly recommend the Peach Festival to be on your list! You can make it an annual tradition, catching up with loved ones while also having a fantastic time. There's nothing better than great food, family, and fun.

Concert Swings Ride Roommate, Ella

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