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Manor  Lanes 


Manor Lanes is not your average bowling alley— it is a home away from home for many. What makes Manor Lanes unique is that they have a full-service restaurant with an extensive menu featuring several homemade dishes.
The Discover 716 team had the pleasure of experiencing the delicious food that Manor Lanes has to offer through a tasting table hosted by, Brian Russo. We got to experience the atmosphere, food, drinks, and behind-the-scenes operations in the kitchen. If you’re looking to try a new restaurant and have some fun this weekend— this is the spot!



Hana Intern Review 



First, you will want to peruse the drink list which contains 20 different beers, featuring many of our great local breweries. Some of my favorites include beers from Big Ditch Brewing Company, Thin Man Brewery, and Southern Tier Brewing Company. We asked the chef to prepare some of their most popular dishes, so we could get a feel for the restaurant. Plus, it’s impossible to choose just one item from the menu! We tried the Patty Melt, Pub Burger, Roll Combo (pizza rolls, buffalo wing rolls, stuffed banana pepper rolls), Meatball Marinara Sub, and Honey Butter Cajun BBQ Wings.  


My favorite dish was the classic Pizza Rolls. They are one of their most popular items, made with a blend of cheeses, Italian seasonings, and Margherita pepperoni deep-friend until golden brown. The Honey Butter Cajun BBQ Wings were a close second. The sauce was the perfect combination of sweet and spicy. If you want a twist on a Buffalo staple, they have almost 20 different wing sauce flavors to choose from! You’ll want to save room for dessert because you can’t leave without trying the dessert pretzels. The dessert pretzels are pretzel bites loaded with cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar, and served with homemade icing to dip. They are seriously to die for!


If you’re looking for tasty food and good vibes, head over to Tonawanda’s Manor Lanes. There is something for everyone in the family to enjoy with their sizeable food and drink menu.

Kelli Intern Review 


Manor lanes is on its way to being the top place for food and fun! Right when you approach the building they have covid 19 precautions in place  and vaccinated guests do not have to wear masks!  The eating area was clean and as soon as you walk in there is a temperature checker to make sure you and others are safe to bowl,eat and drink. The eating area had mini machine games along with a bar seating area with over 20 taps of beer. The classic flavors stick around but you can believe seasonal flavors are always in style and yes they do currently have a pumpkin flavored beer. 


We had a spread of food when we came there. My personal favorite was the Meatball Sub sandwich. The meatballs were made from scratch. You can see the cubed pepper and onion pieces inside the meat and you can tell by the slight imperfections of the meatball that they were shaped by hand. The red sauce was made from scratch and oh how delicious it was! It was a bit on the sweeter side so if you like sweet red sauces this is for you! The bread was chewy and nicely toasted. The mozzarella on top *chefs kiss* pure bliss. We also tried their signature logs which came in banana pepper, pizza and buffalo chicken served with a side of blue cheese. It was hard to not eat these one after another. They had the perfect flakiness and crisp with hot cheese coming out of each.


The Patty Melt and Pub Burger are the stars and are for the meat lover in all of us. The Patty Melt contained onions, cheese, juicy meat Patty and thousand island dressing between two thick rye bread pieces toasted to deliciousness. The Pub Burger is made on a homemade bun has bacon an onion ring and homemade beer cheese *drools* This burger was not only beautiful to look at but it was beyond delicious.  The honey sweet and Cajun wings were nice and juicy and had a mild flavor; the Cajun wasn’t too spicy and the honey wasn’t too sweet. Compared to your average bowling alley this food is top of the line. Lastly for dessert we had homemade pretzel bites with homemade icing. These were absolutely divine. The perfect pairing of sweet and salty. If you're looking for fun with family or friends this is your one stop shop for fun!

Bidya Intern Review


On Wednesday evening, I had the opportunity to try some of their delicious food with two other Discover716 Interns. The Patty Melt with sauteed onions, thousand island dressing, and melted American cheese was scrumptious. I loved that the sauteed onion and dressing helped cut down the greasy from the melted American cheese. The homemade meatball with Mom Russo's secret marinara sauce was mouthwatering. While some could find the sauce is on the sweeter side, I felt that it was the perfect combination for the homemade meatballs and the mozzarella cheese.  As a Buffalonian, how can we forget about the wings? The one thing we are known for! Despite not being a fan of sweet wings combination, the Honey Mustard was so flavorsome that I could definitely see myself ordering it again. The Cajun Wet Wings were also tasty.


Now let's get to my favorites of the evening. Their signature roll combo includes 2 Pizza rolls, 2 Buffalo Wing rolls, and 2 Stuffed Banana Pepper rolls. While all of their rolls were scrumptious, my hands couldn't stay away from the Stuffed Banana Peppers. I know for a fact that the roll combo will be my go-to choice at Manor Lanes. I'm well aware of my sweet tooth, so why wouldn't dessert pretzels be listed as my favorite? The taste of those pretzel bites loaded with cinnamon sugar, and powdered sugar is indescribable.


The tasting table at Manor Lanes was a delightful experience. Apart from the food, the place itself is very clean with precaution for COVID in place. The wallpaper in the girl's bathroom is the perfect place for that Insta-worthy photo. So, head on down to Manor Lanes for an evening full of bowling and mouth-watering food.


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