Each Friday, we feature an up and coming artist (photographer, sculptor, painter, drawer, architect, etc) from the 716 area, share their story, an image or two of theirs, and give them the exposure they deserve.


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Akasya Crosier

Featured August 14, 2020

Akasya is a graphic designer and mixed media artist based in Buffalo, NY. Her main focus is creating engaging, eye-catching designs full of color and bold layouts. For the past few years, she’s become drawn to typography especially, often incorporating her own typefaces and hand lettering into her graphics. In her mixed media paintings, she features funky fabrics, metallic papers, and a good dose of glitter. She enjoys working on a wide range of projects because it allows her to connect with her neighbors in Buffalo. Her vibe and her bubbly, kind personality is off the charts, which sets her different than the rest. Her art is so remarkable that we even have her Allentown piece hanging in our Discover 716 office!!


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Vintage Soul Designs

Featured August 7, 2020

Lindsay of Vintage Soul Designs makes custom, all unique, art pieces out of jewelry that make different shapes such as a buffalo, a crab, a lighthouse, and more. She started collecting jewelry because her sister wanted a brooch bouquet for her wedding. Lindsay says, “After she got married I had jewelry left over and thought what can I do with this? I first made a crab and at that time I was selling at flea markets so I brought the crab with me and so many people were interested in the idea I started making letters and other shapes. 3 years ago I did my first craft show at Canalfest in the Tonawandas and it just has grown from there. I offer classes (in Buffalo and Niagara Falls) now so guests can make their own pieces. I also do custom designs and I can take jewelry that is from your family and make it into something special just for the client! A real keepsake.”

Lindsay is a very sweet girl who is very meaningful about her work, always making it the best it can be. You can follow her on Instagram, @vintage_soul_designs84 and Facebook, Vintage Soul Designs

You can also contact her for classes or if you want one of her pieces at (716) 465-4903 or at vintagesouldesigns@gmail.com. She also has an Etsy, tagged on her Facebook page, in which you can order and contact her as well for a custom, unique piece. She is also open for contact if you want to donate any extra, laying around jewelry to her as well.


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Art by Gotti

Featured July 31, 2020

Art By Gotti is an artist of 2 years that is very driven about his work and has a heartfelt story that can and will inspire many. Gotti has sacrificed his job and many of the important things in his life to pursue his dream of making art that will brighten somebody else’s day. That’s his motive. 24/7. To make other’s happy. In Gotti’s words, he said, “Rocks find me. I let this art free range in my life, I was working full time last week without a thought in my mind of quitting but when my boss promised me a raise before COVID and still didn’t get one since then while we got a COVID raise and taken away, it broke my heart. I quit last week and I have just been living on a hope that I do something that will change the world. I believe art is the best thing in the world. It brings people’s minds, hearts, and souls into a million thoughts. I really believe I have something with this art that can impact millions of people. My family, my relationships, and more have given up on me at times and made me feel like it was just me, my two dogs, and a parrot. But I let hope help me through. I try to wake up every day with an aura that is red, yellow, and orange to conquer the day with love.”

Featured in the pictures below are Gotti’s “real rose rocks”. He explains to us that he embodies himself and feels most himself with nature and he lets the rocks find him. He takes the rocks home or to his studio and then takes a rose. With this rose, he preserves it, somehow and someway, to make it last forever. In his words to “keep the joy and happiness forever.” One thing we can learn from Gotti is his drive and determination to do what you love and to have faith. To put faith in yourself and to have a high level of optimism. No matter what is going on in your life, good or bad, to keep your optimism and to never let anything get you down.

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We’re so excited to be able to possibly help you and your creative abilities and to see your unique story!!