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Dining and Drinks at Falley Allen

Falley Allen is a Restaurant and Bar that serves contemporary American dishes and drinks. They are located on Allen St. in the Allentown neighborhood. Their name is a tribute to Lewis Falley Allen, the man both Allentown and Allen Street are named after.


A few of the Discover716 interns had the pleasure to experience the unique food and atmosphere through a tasting table, graciously hosted by Falley Allen. If you're looking to have a one of a kind dining experince this is the place for you. 

Hailey Intern Review

Falley Allen is an amazing place to go with family and friends. The atmosphere is extremely welcoming, and the staff is so friendly. The place is exceptionally clean and has a rustic and industrial feel to it. The tables are spaced out and lit with candles. There is perfect lighting and a space for eating and a space for the bar. The atmosphere overall was welcoming, and the restaurant had beautiful artwork on its walls.

The food was
mouthwatering and delicious, and the prices were great. The mac n cheese was so creamy and tasted amazing. There was a delicate breadcrumb crumble on top that added a perfect crunch to the creamy Velveeta cheese base. The chopped wedge salad was delicious as well. The blend of stripped lettuce, avocado, bacon, gorgonzola, and diced tomatoes all paired in harmony for a delicious salad. I would recommend Falley Allen. You will be thinking of the food you ate for days to come.

Overall, Falley Allen
exceeded my expectations, and I would recommend this place to all and will be going back soon.

Jacob Intern Review

Upon arriving at Falley Allen I was immediately taken with the beauty of the historic building. The rustic industrial design provides a very inviting atmosphere. Our welcoming hosts showed us to our seats and we were ready to break bread. No sooner than we were sat, the food had arrived and it was spectacular.  It was a lovely spread of the establishment’s finest dishes. I was pleasantly surprised by the variety and uniqueness of each of the dishes, there really was something for everyone.
I first sampled the kimchi fried rice bowl. This dish can be found in the PUB FARE section of the menu and comes with a few different protein options. Our bowl was served with their braised short rib. The rice itself was
cooked to perfection which is notable as I feel its regarded as an after-thought in most restaurants. The kimchi provided a nice contrast to the rice and really brightened up the dish in both taste and presentation. Finally, the short rib was absolutely phenomenal and really kicked the dish up a notch. After the bowl I sampled the crispy bao buns. This dish can be found on the STARTERS section. These fluffy little buns were served with jalapenos and pickled vegetables along with some dipping sauces. They were very light and tasty I would highly recommend ordering this while grabbing some drinks with friends. Speaking of drinks, during our meal we also sampled some of the bars signature cocktails. My personal favorite was the spicy margarita. This classic cocktail was served on the rocks with a twist of jalepeno which added a subtle kick to the beverage.

Falley Allen is the perfect spot for friends and family to gather and break bread. Its prime location and fresh and vibrant menu make it a great stop when cruising Allentown or the Elmwood Village. I would highly recommend this spot for anyone looking for high class food and an inviting atmosphere at a reasonable price.

Taghi Intern Review

The French Onion Burger was one of the best meals I've had in a long time. I would go back again and again. The best French onion burger, billy ogdens hot peppers, truffle oil French fries, all meals were perfection. Friendly staff, great service, good prices. I would say best steak sandwich in Buffalo.  Poke salad is also perfect.  Hot spot in Buffalo so as long as you go in there knowing that you'll have a great time. Atmosphere was also really nice and relaxing; the Burgers are my favorite thing on the menu. Their cocktails are also very good. I will definitely be back.

Grant Intern Review

I couldn’t get enough of the Nashville Hot Shrimp Tacos. The perfectly fried shrimp was nice and moist on the inside with the right amount of crispiness. The tangy chipotle ranch and spicy coleslaw were a fantastic combo. To top it off, two slices of fiery hot jalapeno pepper made this dish beyond memorable!

I kept the spice going with my drink order. The Jalapeno Hopper was a great pairing with the Nashville Hot Shrimp Tacos, if you can handle it. The tequila and lime juice wouldn’t be complete without the aftertaste from the jalapeno chilies. It’s safe to say I’ll be returning to Falley Allen for a spicy time.

Matt Intern Review

Falley Allen is a wonderful environment for both family and friends. Falley Allen had an atmosphere that was very welcoming and inviting like home. The lighting felt like a rustic faded lighting that made the whole restaurant stand out and feel warm and welcoming. The wooden tables made the feel like in the country with a unique feel to each table with a clean presentation and a candle on the table as well. The artwork made Falley Allen feel like another place you are always welcome to come back and have an enjoyable time.

The food at Falley Allen was delicious and eye popping. The mushroom pizza with goat cheese with delicious with a crispy thin crust and the cheese and mushrooms blended perfectly creating a sweet and tangy taste with each bite. I also had the stuffed banana peppers which were spicy and sweet as soon as you bit into it. The spicy banana pepper and sweet gorgonzola was perfecta and will make your taste buds jump around, leaving your mouth wanting more. The food at Falley Allen will make you come back wanting more and perfectly priced for a night out, and food for everyone in the family!

Falley Allen was amazing, from the environment to the atmosphere they hit everything perfectly and I would go back in a heartbeat for it all over again!

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