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The Humbert House


The Humbert House is a unique dining experience curated by Chef Sal Latorre. It is a self proclaimed contemporary American bistro that over delivers and serves exceptional food. The minds- and hands at work in The Humbert House have truly created a special experience centered around new-American cuisine. 

The Humbert House is a rather historical building as well, and has been through radical renovations to preserve and memorialize its past. Above the bar, one can see an original "Humbert" sign that nods to its early-American roots. The Humbert House is a shocking yet welcome juxtaposition of new-American food and old-American charm.


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Dramatic Renovations


Loaded Italian Bread


A truly authentic fine dine restaurant can be tough to come by but the humbert house has it all.  Not only was the food terrific but the atmosphere as well. When entering you are met with dim lights, charismatic music and extremely friendly staff.  While walking through the restaurant you will notice they kept much of the original structure to keep some of that 1864 feeling alive. You will also see that they offer support to many local artists as many of the paintings you’ll see are up for sale. Though, that’s just the start. The cocktail list was special as it was seasonal, giving you a pick from warm fall drinks you can’t turn down, though they offer a typical bar menu as well. The food was delicious and served well. Everything was cooked to a perfection and plated gorgeously. That appetizers were a great portion as it was just enough to fill but not enough to ruin your appetite for dinner. The black truffle poutine, plated as well as you can plate a dish like that, was not your typically northern poutine. It was served with a dark beef gravy, that certainly did not take away from the woody black truffle flavor.  The beef carpaccio was served gorgeously, with the carpaccio lining the bowl and a perfect amount of Italian bread and herbs. The Italian bread has great seasoning to it, but just enough that you could still taste the herbs and carpaccio while eating it as one. The buffalo chicken ravioli dish, toasted, was small but filling raviolis. This brought a nice home like feel as you could truly taste the homemade hot sauce but also the hint of pumpkin seed making it special to The Humbert House. And the Grilled American Wagyu was extremely impressive, in both presentation and taste. It is served pre cut in to strips, showing off the high marbling. Typically served with truffle fries, that was substituted for pasta, offered a mellow red sauce with just the right amount of Parmesan cheese and seasoning on top. After dinner, you are presented with a short but sweet dessert menu.  The churros, served with just the right amount of meringue, caramel and chocolate ice cream, a bit crumbly had just the right amount of cinnamon. The candy apple, was a surprise with how it was plated, with a fried funnel cake on bottom, there was a “apple” made from goat cheese panna cotta, that gave a cheesecake like feel and served with a rich goat milk bourbon ice cream on the side. The Pumpkin tres leches cake was served in a clear cup, allowing you to see the three layers, with having a gorgeous top layer of mascarpone, brown putter and roasted cashew both on the cake and around it. Overall, this restaurant offered both a lovely and romantic atmosphere while serving excellently plated and high-quality meals.  



Toasted Ravioli

Grilled American


Tempura Tiger Shrimp


Nightmare on 
Bourbon Street

When you walk into Humbert House, you are greeted by friendly staff with smiling faces. The atmosphere there is cozy with a classy twist, a historic home now repurposed for the restaurant's needs. There are remnants of history everywhere, and the décor helps enhance the overall feel. We started the night off with some specialty drinks and appetizers. All of which were wonderful. The staff was even so kind as to allow us to record some of the drinks being made. The 4 drinks, all of which had a fall or Halloween theme, were wonderful. For instance, the Nightmare on Bourbon Street (which was made with bourbon, maple syrup, cinnamon, and lime juice) was sweet and smooth. The flavors complement each other well. We ordered several starters, including loaded Italian bread, a grilled wedge, Korean fried chicken, black truffle poutine, and Beef Carpaccio. All of these dishes were complex in their flavors and delicious. Nothing felt too overpowering or overwhelming, and though we all had different tastes, we agreed wholeheartedly that it was great. We ordered our main courses and enjoyed the live music while we waited for them to be made. When they arrived, we were greeted with good sized proportions and a wonderful presentation. We ordered a variety of dishes, from pastas and steaks, to lamb and veal. The meats were tender and juicy and the sauces were amazing.

- Tim


Roasted Rack
of Lamb

I loved visiting the Humbert House for a beautiful dinner! The location creates a beautiful atmosphere with calm lighting, beautiful decorations, and a clean environment. The building is lovely and well cared for. I had chicken parmesan for a main course and it was beautifully presented, cooked well, and tasted amazing. The tender chicken and perfectly balanced seasoning with such a beautiful location created an experience that I would recommend for any special dining occasion. Staff were professional, kind, and accommodating for dietary restrictions and for those who do and do not drink. I would love to return for a date night or time with friends.

- Eli 


Korean Fried 

The Humbert house, was a very unique and fun experience. The vibe in the restaurant is very “homey” with a classy twist. All of the staff was amazing when working with the Discover716 team, and were willing to answer any questions we had. For an appetizer I had the grilled wedge, a simple but complex dish when it came to flavors - I loved the bite that the grilling of the lettuce had mixed with the tomatoes the most. For my entree, I went with the Veal Parmesan , part of the Italian night menu. It was soo tender and the amount of crunch was perfect - also the sauce was absolutely delicious and you could really taste the red wine that was used in it.

 - Jocelyn 


Black Truffle 

Veal Parmesan

BLT Grilled Wedge

Fall Drink Specials


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