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The Humbert House


The Humbert House is a unique dining experience curated by Chef Sal Latorre. It is a self proclaimed contemporary American bistro that over delivers and serves exceptional food. The minds- and hands at work in The Humbert House have truly created a special experience centered around new-American cuisine. 

The Humbert House is a rather historical building as well, and has been through radical renovations to preserve and memorialize its past. Above the bar, one can see an original "Humbert" sign that nods to its early-American roots. The Humbert House is a shocking yet welcome juxtaposition of new-American food and old-American charm.


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Dramatic Renovations


Wagyu Strip


Kevin Intern Review 



The Humbert House in Clarence, NY is an atmospheric restaurant that feels like home while serving high-quality food. The decor is a perfect mix of historical and modern, which most Western New Yorkers are highly accustomed to. From the bar to the paintings, and an original sign hung near the bar, the Humbert House nails a calming, tranquil eating environment that is supplemented by their astounding food. There is plenty of space for many tables to fit comfortably, so you are not putting your elbows in your neighbor’s food. There is even a dividing wall between the bar/eating area and a more secluded dining area. The whole environment of the restaurant is absolutely perfect and is somewhere I would love to go again.

As for the food, where to even begin. Chef Sal creates menu items that are truly special- and delicious! I’m not much of a fancy eater myself, but Chef Sal’s recipes and food really blew me away, and honestly could turn me into a fancy eater. We were given a multitude of different dishes to try, like Korean Fried Chicken, Beef Tartare, Wagyu Strips, Duck Breast and Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie. My two favorites were the Korean Fried Chicken and the Duck Breast, but each dish was truly something amazing. The Korean Fried Chicken was crispy, yet soaked in a sauce that was delicious and sweet. On the other hand, the Beef Tartare was tender and extremely flavorful. The Wagyu Strips were amazing- so tender they would literally melt in your mouth. My favorite, the Duck, was tender, flavorful, juicy and cooked just right. The way Chef Sal curated each meal to have such complementary flavors really highlights his skills and overall knowledge of cooking. We were also served many delicious desserts, such as Deconstructed Sweet Potato Pie, which was sweet and had a bit of heat. It was truly amazing, as the sweet heat turned the dessert into something I’ve never quite experienced before. We also had Olive Oil Cake and Churros- which both came with home-made ice cream and were to-die-for. The Churros were probably my favorite dessert. They were fried and dusted to perfection and accompanied the ice cream extremely well.

Overall, my experience at the Humbert House was amazing, and I would definitely go back again. The food is insanely good, the atmosphere is perfect and homey and the staff is friendly and attentive. I would recommend the Humbert House to anyone, and really believe it to be a must try, because you will truly love it. Chef Sal and his team have crafted an amazing dining experience and it is a treat to attend.



Mai Intern Review


The Humbert House is an amazing place to go with family and friends. The atmosphere is welcoming and the building abs historical value. We were able to taste and try several dishes : from their entrees to their dessert everything was amazing. They weren’t one item that I didn’t like on their menu . The service was also amazing and the waitress did a good job explaining the history behind the building and where it originated from. 

The restaurant is located in Clarence and also has a bar. The place is also amazing for any family events as the accommodations make it easy to talk and communicate with family members or friends.

The experience was simply amazing and I would definitely go back


Sweet Potato Pie


Miranda Intern Review


The risotto was a perfect blend of flavor I highly recommend this was my favorite thing on the menu! The Wagyu strip steak was a very generous portion and paired very well with the butter. Duck was a very delicious dish! If you like mushrooms they were full of flavor and went very well with the duck. They took their try on a deconstructed sweet potato pie. This is not your grandma's pie! This was packed with sweet potato over marshmallow and crushed almonds! Our waitress was highly knowledgeable on the food and knew a great deal of the history of the place. The atmosphere is a small quaint environment with jazz playing. I highly recommend to anyone!

Bidya Intern Review

Humbert House was an amazing experience. The food taste as delicious as it looked. The Korean Fried Chicken was crispy and had the perfect sauce. The sourness of the tomatoes and lemon in the Artichoke Risotto blended perfectly with the other flavors. The duck skin was crispy while the mushroom and other vegetables complemented the duck beautifully. However, the highlight of the night was the desserts. The deconstructed sweet potato pie tasted heavenly. My mouth still waters writing about it. The sourness of black currant in the Olive Oil cake was perfectly balanced together with the ice cream. Overall, Humber House is the perfect place to get together with families and friends due to its homeliness. 

Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie


Duck Breast



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