Serena Leatherbarrow

Interning at Discover716 has been incredibly valuable! While leading projects and developing my own campaigns. I was given complete creative control. The confidence I gained from watching my ideas come to life will be beneficial in my future career!

Liam Cheasty

We always need to see the importance of helping our community, especially in times like these. We need people to help and each look out for each other, which is what we do at Discover716

Lexi Dahn

Interning at Discover716 is a great opportunity! You get to work with a team, connect with businesses, and create content for social media.


Louis Fabiano

Working with small businesses around WNY has been a blast! My favorite business I have worked with thus far has been the Buffalo Yacht Club. I love helping them with their social media marketing!

Kelsey Rohde

I enjoyed interning at Discover716 because it is catered to what you are interested in. If you're in college and looking for a flexible internship that you can pretty much do anything with, I would highly recommend applying!

Bria Meredith

I love interning for Discover716 because I have learned so much about the history of Buffalo even though I have lived here my whole life.


Mary Kate Wirfel

I have enjoyed showing my photography and writing about Buffalo's history!


Amanda Ross

It was such a great learning experience and as a college student it allowed me to still focus on my school with a flexible schedule. I encourage everyone to apply because it gives you an inside look into marketing!


Marissa Packard

I've enjoyed working with small businesses across WNY, especially the sports oriented ones. This internship has allowed me to use my creative ideas and grow as a person!

Conor Thompson

As someone who has lived in Hartford all my life, I was amazed how a company 6 hours away has kept me involved in everything and made me feel apart of the team even though I'm far away.