Electric Tower.jpg

Electric Tower

James A. Johnson - Architect
535 Washington Street, Buffalo NY

Aug 11 2020

The Electric Tower is a historic and key part of Buffalo’s vast skyline with it’s interesting architecture and a very bright contrast in color from the brown, black or grey buildings around it. The Electric Tower was built in 1912 and is the seventh tallest building in Buffalo standing at 294’. It was designed by James A. Johnson (1865-1939), an American architect known for various architectural landmarks in our city. Many say that his style was different, helping the consideration of a foreshadowing in the infamous art deco design that you can see all over the city, including the iconic and large Buffalo City Hall. Johnson’s designs are also seen through the Ellicott Square Building, The Calumet, Hotel Lafayette, Lafayette High School, Niagara Mohawk Building, and the United Office Building, all located in the Buffalo, New York area.

The Electric Tower contains 14 floors and 39,200 sq ft of office space. The architectural style is called Beaux-Arts architecture. It is described as what was the academic architectural style taught in Paris in the 1830s and was the most common found in larger buildings in France and was adapted all over the world by the end of the 19th century. Some other examples of the architecture style in Buffalo are the Buffalo Savings Bank, Ellicott Square Building, the Statler Hotel, the dome interior of the North Park Theater, and many more.