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Joey's Place

Located in Tonawonda, Joey's Place is a neighborhood bar and grill with an inviting atmosphere and amazing food. Great food and great drinks for late nights, date nights, and everything in between!

The Discover716 team was able to try their most popular Italian dishes, desserts and drinks. If Italian food is not up your alley, Joey's has a variety of different dishes and cuisines to choose from. From burgers to seafood to Buffalo classics like wings and beef on wecks, there is something for everyone.

Tasting Table Lineup

Appetizers: Fried Eggplant with Marinara Dipping Sauce & Italian Wedding Soup

Entrees: Meat Lasagna, Chicken Parmasean, & Stuffed Shells

Desserts: Cannolis & Tiramisu

Cocktails: Tiramisu Martini

Intern Review: Kayla

This was a true Italian feast! Since my family has Italian roots, I have very high expectations when it comes to pasta dishes. Needless to say my expectations were surpassed! My two favorite items that we tried were the fried eggplant appetizer and the stuffed shells. All the pasta was cooked to perfection and everything was vibrant and flavorful (and cheesy!). The dessert was a refreshing bite after the savory entrees, and the martini is a perfect after-dinner cocktail.


At the end of our visit, we got to meet with Alexia, a Joey's employee for over a year. She helped to prepare all of the food we tried, and we loved hearing her insights on the Joey's menu. Overall, the entire lineup was the perfect combination of deliciousness and comfort. I would definitely tell all of my friends about Joey's!

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